Premium Medical Services for Premium Medical Needs

The MPT Approach

Who are we

Medical Premium Touch (MPT) Ltd assembles together Israel’s leading medical professors and doctors

Our Vision

To provide our customers with premium treatment, the kindwe wish to receive ourselvess

Medical Treatment In Israel

  • Israelis known to be one of the world’s leaders in quality medical care
  • Israel is also afocal point for medical research and groundbreaking innovation

The Patient’s Problem

How to get the best doctor, and the best treatment,to my specific medical problem?

MPT has the solution for the Patient’s Problem!!!!

  • MPT is working with ALL Israeli hospitals an with ALL Israel’s leading doctors
  • MPT’s Experts will review each case and refer it to the best expert doctor in the most appropriate and experienced hospital

MPT supports its customers with various medical cases, suchas:

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedy
  • Urology
  • Neurology
  • And more…

The Process

  • Medical data from the Customer
  • MPT’s Experts Consulium
  • MPT’s Recommendation
  • MPT’s Logistics and Financial Arrangements
  • Patient arrives to israel
  • Medical Treatment up to full recovery and rehabilitation
  • Telemedicine Followup

MPT’s Advantages

  • Works with the best doctors
  • Works with the best hospitals
  • Provides full premium service, from landing in Israel up to full recovery and rehabilitation
  • Provides Telemedicine services
  • Provides services in various languages (including Arabic)
  • MPT’s representative will take care of the patient’s needs before, during and after his treatment in the hospital
  • Works seamlessly with insurance companies without any hassle to the patient
  • Premium, VIP level ground service for the patient and his family
  • Thorough follow-up after recovery
  • Multi-level back office, 24hours aday support

Our Customers have only one responsibility

To get better !!!!!

Thank you!

For more information, please visit MPT Website or contact us at

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