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MPT Medical Premium Touch LTD
Israel's Leading Medical Tourism Provider

Our goal is to treat out patients the way We would like to be treated ourselves

Best innovation

Israel, known as one of the world leaders in quality medical care, is also a focal point in medical research and groundbreaking breakthroughs

Oded Wienstein

Owner and CEO

Dear patient,
My name is Oded Wienstein, and you must know that you reached the best company to take care of you. We got the best doctors, the best hospitals and the most important thing, we care. We really want to improve your health and to improve your life in general. This our vision and moto of our staff

Best doctors

MPT has an all-star team of doctors, The leaders in their fields

Dr Josef Danieli

Specialist in Pediatric Cardiology

Dr Zvi Cohen

Neurosurgeon, Deputy director of Neurosurgery department and head of the unit for brain tumors

Prof Yehuda Ulman

Plastic surgeon, Head of plastic department in Rambam Hospital

Dr Nissim Geron

Senior surgeon, bariatric surgery

Dr Ilan Kalderon

Senior Gynecologist and head of the IVF department of in Bnei Zion hospital

Dr Alon Fridlender

Head of spinal surgery unit in Sheba Hospital

Dr Rafi Klein

Senior surgeon, breast surgery

Dr Boris Orlov

Senior cardio-thoracic surgeon, open heart surgeries in high risk patients

Dr Lior Marom

Senior spine surgeon

Dr Tzvika Sacagiu MD

l. Subspeciity in neurocritical care at UHS Wilson upstate NY USA and neuro interventional radiology at Montpellier France

Best Treatments

OUR team of professional doctors in Israel specialize in providing advanced medical services for all types of cases

  • The world's most advanced oncology array
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Sports medicine
  • Stomach shortcuts
  • Complex diagnoses
  • Medical consultation by our doctors in your country
  • Ability to work with unions

Best Variety

Medical Premium Touch Allows patients to receive a wide variety of check-ups and treatments by leading Israeli specialists in every medical field.

Best ground service

A professional staff, including attending physicians, are available to each patient. From the personal coordinator assigned to each patient, guiding them through the treatment process, to the attending physician performing the procedure.
Medical Premium Touch offers a full spectrum of service, including logistic arrangements such as transportation and hotel accommodations.

Best back office

Vladimir Markevich

Director of operations, service and foreign relations

You provide the information we need to begin your medical consultation.
A medical specialist will review the information you provided, followed by contact by our representative by phone or e-mail.
We may ask you to provide additional documentation and information as required, so that we can thoroughly assess your medical condition and provide you with a precise cost estimate for your treatment/consultation/check-up.
A medical specialist will develop a personalized examination and treatment/check-up program for your specific case.
Upon completion of your medical treatment/consultation, you will be provided with all relevant medical documentation.

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